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Thank You to Kyle Clark and 9 News for Your Support of the Jeffco Human Services Foundation and Jeffco Prosperity Partners!

About Jeffco Human Services Foundation and Jeffco Prosperity Partners

Jeffco Human Services Foundation is a nonprofit agency started in 2017 complementing the work of Jefferson County Human Services. It was created to incubate and promote innovations that fuel prosperity for all families.

Jeffco Human Services Foundation's program Jeffco Prosperity Partners (JPP) utilizes a transformative change model is used to combat generational poverty and move low-income families to self-defined success.

JPP was created by the community, for the community. Families play a vital role in program development and define their own success, dreams, and goals.

Together, we work to help families break the cycle of generational poverty, aiding in their journey to self-defined prosperity.

Each family is connected to JPP until their youngest child graduates from high school, ensuring academic accomplishment and sustained family self-sufficiency. JPP works with the whole family, using the multigeneration approach, working with both children and their families or caretakers. Families identify both family and individual goals. JPP coaches work with families who have opted in typically through the Jefferson County Head Start program because they want something new in their life and are committed to their child graduating and achieving their dreams. Wrap-around services focus on economic stability, education, employment, health and wellness, and community building.

These times of COVID-19 have been tough, but our community is still strong. This year we celebrate the six families in JPP who purchased their own homes, knowing the likelihood that these outcomes will continue prosperity for generations to come. Families have shown such resilience and incredible strength, particularly our single mothers. Many of them became teachers overnight while simultaneously working full-time jobs.

Donations are utilized to support children and families in achieving their hopes and dreams. As families continue to make progress in their lives, challenges can and do arise. Your support and donations allow parents to remain focused, repair a car to ensure transportation, return to school for additional training, and to achieve new career goals and wages. Funds can support emergency food or gas cards, activities for children, first month’s rent and deposit for a family who has exited homelessness, school supplies, emergency assistance, and other support that families report they need. Investing in the future of families is the first step in ending generational poverty and families working towards a transformational change. This takes time but is time well spent!

JPP is not a program or a project. We are a community that comes together to achieve things that we could not achieve alone. It is a group of friends and neighbors learning together and from each other.

"This program is a gift for a lifetime. My kids will have more opportunities for a better future than I had." - JPP Parent

Our Featured JPP Success Story

AJ started working for Jefferson County Head Start as a Bus Aide and quickly worked her way up to a Teacher Assistant position in a Head Start classroom. It was then that she discovered her love of education and helping children learn to cope with social emotional learning. This passion led her to go back to school and earn her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and has now enrolled in a Master's program. AJ has recently received a promotion and is now an instructional coach working to support teachers on their professional development. AJ has doubled her income in the last three years, improved her credit score, and continues to make incredible change for our community including giving back and serving in many ways. AJ recently was accepted for a position on Jeffco Schools Community Diversity Advisory Committee to elevate the voices of diverse families in our community. AJ also serves as a leader on the Jeffco Prosperity Partners Family Leadership committee.

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