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Donate to Create Lasting Change in our Community

Thank You for Supporting JPP Families on Their Path to Prosperity

$4,699 raised

$10,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Thank You for Investing in our Community​​

We are more than a program. We are a community supporting families moving from poverty to prosperity through multi-generational, whole-family outcomes - students to diploma and parents to self-defined prosperity.

Jeffco Human Services Foundation is a nonprofit community-based organization on a mission to break the cycle of generational poverty. We partner with initiatives that provide services and opportunities that enable Colorado families to thrive in our community.

Together with Jeffco Prosperity Partners (JPP) we collaborate with community organizations to provide programs that focus on financial literacy, family wellbeing, job skill development, health and wellness, education, and building social capital. The intent of this program is to invest in the future of families and the generations that come after.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 throughout the month of December to support JPP families as they work to move out of poverty and create a life of prosperity. Your donations will provide coaching for individuals and families, access to quality education, skill development to secure meaningful employment, as well as emergency assistance for unexpected crisis situations. Your support will help us continue to invest in families and the future of our community.

One of the things that makes the Jeffco Human Services Foundation and JPP unique is that we invest in families working to create a better life for themselves. This includes preventing crisis’s from ever starting and supporting families to achieve things that maybe they never believed were possible.

The JPP team works very hard to prevent crises from happening, but need resources when unexpected events arise.

Families should not have to choose between paying a utility bill and getting groceries for their home. A $25 donation can provide emergency assistance like purchasing a box of diapers or a gas card for a family who is waiting for their first paycheck.

Data shows that completing a degree or a certificate will double a parent’s income. A $50 donation ensures on time graduation for students- children and parents- by providing tutoring sessions to complete challenging classes to earn their degrees.

A $100 donation provides food assistance, school supplies, a pair of glasses (adult glasses are not covered with insurance), a new uniform for starting a new job, and schools clothing for kids- because as parents we all know buying new clothes is a yearly expense.

In Jefferson County, transportation is essential. When you are a single parent or a family with young children, it is almost impossible to get around without access to a reliable vehicle. A reliable vehicle and car maintenance can determine if an individual can maintain their employment or get a child to school on time. Your $200 donation will allow for winter tires, brakes, and other car maintenance requirements.

Support while you shop

You can make an impact every time you shop when you sign up for AmazonSmile and King Sooper Community Rewards. Each organization donates a portion of your purchases to Jeffco Human Services Foundation- at no cost to you!

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