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Donate to break the cycle of generational poverty in Jefferson County

Prevent poverty in the future by investing in our community today!

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We Are Helping Families Thrive!

Jeffco Prosperity Partners (JPP) is not just an organization; we're a vibrant community that believes in the power of collaboration to break the cycle of generational poverty in Jefferson County.

At JPP, our mission is simple: we're here to empower individuals with the tools they need to succeed. We believe that with quality education, opportunities tailored to their goals, and unwavering community and individual support, anyone can stand on their own two feet.

We take a holistic, multi-generation approach, ensuring that both children and parents have the resources they need to thrive. Our goal is to support parents to achieve self-sufficiency and children to high school diplomas and beyond.

But we're not in this alone. JPP collaborates with an incredible network of community partners to provide programs that cover it all: financial literacy, family well-being, job skill development, health and wellness, education, and building social connections.

Together, we help families navigate this transformative journey. Whether it's providing guidance, support, or a listening ear, we are here to walk alongside children and families every step of the way.


“Without JPP’s emotional support, encouragement, and tutoring services, I would not be filled with so much joy of accomplishment and success, as well as being a role model for my children... It was an immediate connection… They never gave up on me.” - LONA, JPP Participant 2015-21

“I’ve realized with JPP's help, that I am able to balance being a mother, working, and going to school. Things would not have gone this way if I had not joined JPP. I’ve tried other programs that are designed to help you out while you complete your goals, but they didn’t really delve into my exact situation. JPP dives in deeper to offer suggestions on what I can do and having an individualized approach.” – LEAH, JPP Participant

“At JPP it felt like we were a part of a team. JPP was the team that I needed to push me to the next level.” - ANDREA, JPP Participant 2016-21

“Without the community that JPP provided I would not have had the support to accomplish my goals. JPP does whatever it takes to help us get to where we want to be.” - SHEILA, Participant 2012-21

“I really need[ed] to focus on myself and my career and what I want[ed] going forward. JPP made sure that I had a game plan.”- ADRIANA, JPP Participant 2015-21

“JPP has been a life-changing experience for me and my family. Without JPP and a dream, none of this could have been possible” – JEFFERY, JPP Participant

“JPP has helped us find the resources we need to be modern-day third/fourth generation parents again, find in-home resources, referrals to counseling, finding community within JPP, anger management for one of our children, as well as summer activities to keep the children academically and physically active.” -ED and BEV, JPP Participant

“JPP really helped me keep accountable for my goals and make them real. Even when I was struggling to keep moving forward." – AMANADA, JPP Participant, mother, bachelor's degree achiever, lover of her job, and new homeowner.

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